Aqua Cure Introduce Total Water Management Solution for Food Service and Beverage Sector

Total Water Management for Food Service and Beverage

Aqua Cure's new Total Water Management service offers unparalleled product supply and support to trade organisations within the food service and catering sector.

Click on the image below to view our Total Water Management pdf. Aqua Cure - Total Water Management

Whether your business is in food preparation, cooking, soft drinks, coffee, tea or any other area of general food service, this whole market revolves around water. As such, the quality of your water supply dramatically impacts upon the quality of the drinks / food you produce and the running costs of your equipment.

All the pieces of kitchen and catering equipment shown in the Total Water Management PDF above require water filtration to achieve optimum performance and we are specialists in the sourcing and supply of this kind of filtration.

The Battle Against Limescale

In hard water areas, limescale build-up is a major problem for catering and hot beverage equipment. Scale not only increases running costs and leads to expensive breakdowns but also affects the quality of the food and drinks you produce.

Everpure's Claris and Claris ULTRA range have been market proven to drastically decrease these related costs.

In fact, the Everpure Claris has been used so effectively in the bakery section of a top UK supermarket that they are now in the final stages of negotiation to fit Everpure products in all areas of their business: ice machines, coffee machines and boilers etc. With a variety of sizes available and numerous unique features, Everpure filters are perfect for a wide range of applications while the Claris filters in particular are ideally suited to steam ovens.

See our Everpure Filters page for more information.

Everpure's Claris Ultra range is specifically designed to produce the very best quality water for hot drinks machines. The patented technology not only protects against scale build-up but also reduces corrosion, while the carefully balanced filtration produces drinks of such a high standard that a number of speciality coffee companies recommend it. This is also one of the many the reasons that Everpure products are now being used by one of the top high street coffee chains in the UK and Ireland for their dispense machines.

Download our Everpure Claris ULTRA brochure.

High capacity Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) systems are also available for use with both single and multiple machines, allowing the user more control over the quality of water produced. Units are specified on a case by case basis.

Servicing Now Available

To improve further on the service we offer, we recently agreed terms with some well established service partners who can install, change and maintain all of our filtration systems for those without the necessary in-house service engineers. Additionally we can offer site surveys to establish the best filtration option for particular applications.

We recognise that not all catering companies have the same approach to ongoing filter sales and we are able to adapt accordingly to suit individual customers.

Whilst we maintain a trade only approach and work hard to protect this route to market, we are still extremely adaptable to individual customer's requirements - even if we don't currently offer a service, if you need it: we'll look into it.

  • Need a supplier to arrange replacement filter changes on your behalf - you got it.
  • Want scheduled consignments delivered to your engineers in the field  - sure thing.
  • Need a 'drop ship' service to deliver direct to your customer - you're the boss.
  • Want water filters supplied with your branding on them - consider it done.

If you need it, drop us a line and we'll find a way of supplying it.

We understand that as the market grows it constantly makes more demands and at Aqua Cure we're committed to helping our customers meet these demands - whatever they might be.

As ever, we continue to offer installation parts tailored to differing market requirements such as mains water pressure controls, plumbing connections and leak prevention / detection devices and much more.

Why not utilise our expertise and give us an opportunity to specify filtration options for new jobs you've acquired? Simply contact us with a detailed overview of your customer's requirements and we'll call you straight back with a tailor made quotation - with no obligation to buy.

For more information, please see our Food Service and Beverage pages or contact us directly.