Water Treatment For
Coffee & Espresso Machines


Making Water Work For You

A cup of coffee or tea is 98% water and research shows that taste is affected by the properties of the water used to make it.

For this reason, it is essential that some form of water treatment is utilised to control the minerals and reduce unpleasant tastes and odours in your feed water. Not only will this result in a better product, it will reduce clogging, scale build-up and corrosion, meaning equipment will operate more efficiently, less downtime and lower maintenance costs, resulting in more satisfied customers and increased profits.

As water treatment experts with years of experience, we know how to help you create that perfect water recipe. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial water treatment solutions for coffee and espresso machines, which includes both reverse osmosis systems and filter cartridge systems.

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High performance commercial reverse osmosis systems designed with the coffee market in mind. Standard systems available can produce enough water for up to 100 and 760 espresso shots per hour*.
Versatile commercial water filter cartridge systems which are especially suited to coffee and espresso applications. Variety of cartridge sizes available, which have capacities* that range from 1,700 to 20,000 litres.

*Espresso shots per hour based on a typical 100ml shot (50ml shot, 50ml group head purge) and a standard system setup. Cartridge capacities based on specific water properties / bypass settings.

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