Inline Water Filters

Inline water filters are used directly on either the water line or appliance and help save space as a bulky filter head isn't required.

We offer an extensive range of inline water filters including our UK manufactured Hydro+ range, which are one of Europe's best selling inline filters.

View our range below or if you need some expert advice, please contact us directly.

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Inline Water Filters
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Inline Filters Information

Inline water filters are extremely popular and can help achieve crystal clear filtered water for a very low capital cost compared to filtration systems that utilise a filter housing or head.

Aqua Cure are proud to be Britain’s largest manufacturer of inline filters and our Hydro+ range is available with a range of different media options, connection types and connection sizes to suit a number of applications.

As we manufacture in-house we have unrivalled stocks and can offer the best prices, which is backed by our best in class service. What’s more, given the right quantities, our Hydro+ range can be made to your exact specification and with custom printed labels with your own branding.

  • Advantages
  • Low capital cost
  • Compact
  • Variety of media options
  • Various connections types and sizes
  • Ideal Uses
  • Domestic filtration systems
  • Fridge freezers
  • Coffee machines
  • Water coolers and dispensers

Types of Inline Water Filter

The 2 most common types are GAC (granular activated carbon) and carbon block, with GAC variants offering basic cost effective filtration and carbon block variants offering finer levels of filtration. Both varients are available with the added benefit of scale inhibitor to help prevent numerous problems associated with limescale.

Most are 10" in size but some 6" variants are available if the available space is limited.

While there are a number of connection types available, the main types available are push fit, spigot and BSP. Sizes available include 1/4", 3/8" and 3/4".

Although Hydro+ is our main range of inline filter we offer, we have access to a wide range of other brands such as Omnipure and Doulton. So if you're looking for a specific brand or are simply unsure on which product is best for you, please contact us and talk to our expert team.