A busy hospitality environment means high water usage, whether for direct consumption in guest beverages or as a vital resource for food service equipment. We are water treatment specialists and can provide a wide range of products to fit the needs of the HORECA industry including cooking, drinking, dishwashing and laundry.

Attention paid to water quality and purity is a simple measure that can reap significant long term rewards in terms of guest satisfaction, operational and machine efficiency and even cost control.

Benefits of water treatment in Horeca

  • Bright, sparkling spot-free glass and tableware.
  • Great tasting coffee and tea with no scum, unpleasant residue or off-putting odour.
  • Clear, pure, odour and taste-free ice for cold drinks.
  • Efficient and lower cost water heater operation.
  • Reduced risk of key equipment failure - reduced maintenance costs and extended equipment lifecycle mean higher profits.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance of guest bathroom facilities - no limescale or water marks.
  • Fresh, soft and stain free linen.
  • iso 9001 accredited
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