Water Filter Systems

Water filtration systems remove unwanted impurities from water which impact on water quality as well as reduce equipment life and increase service costs.

Whether you're looking for a filter system to provide better tasting domestic drinking water or for a commercial system for a specialist application, we offer a comprehensive range water filtration systems to solve any number of water related issues.

Browse our range below or if you are not sure what you need for your specific application, please contact our expert team and we can answer any questions you may have.

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Water filter systems

Tap water in the UK is mostly accessible everywhere and is amongst the cleanest in the world. This does not guarantee it will taste, smell or even look clear all the time. Potable water has industry standard levels of substances that can be found in the water. In fact, impurities such as chlorine, herbicides and pesticides are found in water that can reach your home. Water filter systems are designed to remove the impurities from the water just before use to provide fresh, clean water directly from your tap.

In addition to removing unwanted contaminants, the water filters in the filter systems can prevent scale build up in hard water areas across the UK by softening the water. Softened water is kinder to appliances, helping them live longer and work more effectively. Not sure if you live in a hard water area, you can check your postcode with our hard water map

Benefits of a water filter system

There are multiple benefits of a water filter system, one is that you can enjoy the bottled water taste without the plastic waste. Plastics and microplastics has extremely negative environmental effects. Then there is the cost element, we worked out that one filter is the equivalent of 13,000 bottles of water, not only is this a huge waste of plastic, the cost saving to you is massive!

How Does a Water Filter System Work?

The basic principle of any water filtration system is to capture the impurities, sediment and other potentially harmful elements from passing through its mechanism. If you are unsure of the type of water filter system you require or how water filters actually work you can determine which impurities are causing problems with your water by testing your water, it may be helpful to contact the local water supplier to find out its specific chemical properties.

We know it can be difficult to choose a water filter system as it depends on the specific type and level of filtration required. If you are unsure of anything with regards to water filter systems, please contact us the water filtration experts.