We are Europe's largest manufacturer of inline filters, producing the WRAS approved Hydro+ range as well as being master distributors for many other major filter manufacturers. In addition to this we product the award winning Aqua Dosa™ range of sanitising products. Browse all the brands we stock below:

Popular Brands

  • The Aqua Dosa range includes internal, external and surface sanitiser and is available in concentrate or convenient ready to use sanitising spray bottles and wipes. We also supply dosing cartridges for introducing sanitiser to closed water systems.
  • The small and complex pore structure of Doulton’s trademark ceramics makes them an ideal filter medium for drinking water. Aqua Cure have been been selling Doulton products for many years and offer unrivalled stock and pricing on their filters.
  • Aqua Cure are Everpure’s master UK distributor and offer the largest range of their products in the UK and the most competitive pricing. Filters cover foodservice, vending, office and commercial coffee, ice machine and drinking water applications.
  • The Everpure Claris and Claris Ultra ranges cover all coffee, vending, ice making and foodservice applications in hard water areas offering limescale protection, improved energy efficiency and mineral stabilisation (crucial for top quality coffee).
  • Aqua Cure’s Hydro+ range has been Europe’s best selling range of in-line filters for many years and is available with a huge number of filter medias and connection options including push-fit, male, female, compression fittings and spigot variants.
  • John Guest is something of an industry standard with their world leading push-fit system. Aqua Cure’s faith in John Guest’s products is reflected in the vast range of their British made fittings, tubing, valves and tools that we keep in stock.

All Brands

  • Aqua Cure own-brand products include our range of high quality, custom built install rails (for connecting a wide variety of equipment to the mains water supply) and our competitively priced range of UV systems, with flow rates from 8 - 44 lpm.
  • Calcium Treatment Units (or CTUs) are an extremely effective range of systems which contain de-alkalisation media to reduce limescale and improve the taste of incoming feed water to most water heating and cooling equipment for commercial foodservice.
  • The British Berkefeld range of gravity fed filter systems, utilise ceramic filter candles to provide healthy crystal clear filtered water. Systems don't require a piped water supply or power supply, simply fill and let gravity do the work!
  • Byotrol’s food safe surface sanitiser is suitable for all external hard and is equally effective on both stainless steel and plastic surfaces while their hand sanitiser is a convenient and space-efficient solution for hand sanitising.
  • Aqua Cure have a large range of DMFit Fittings now in stock including unions, connectors, adapters, reducers, elbows, tees, dividers, plugs, barbs, end stops, filter strainers, check valves, double check valves and even tubing.
  • The eco3 is designed for use with both cold and hot / cold water dispensers, small coffee machines and many other types of hot water dispenser. The eco3 removes chlorine taste / odour and particulate with scale inhibitor available as an option.
  • Flojet's premium water dispensing product line includes bottle pumps with a variety of connections and a mains booster pump. Bottle pumps automatically shut-off when the water source is depleted and restart when water is restored.
  • Grease Guardian's range of under sink automatic grease traps efficiently treat and remove fats, oils and grease (FOG). They outperform passive grease traps and are available in 3 variants to suit a range of requirements.
  • TDS (total dissolved solids) meters are essential for monitoring the performance of an R.O. system. HM's range of TDS test equipment includes a hand-held economy model for basic water testing applications and an industrial plumbed in version.
  • Honeywell supply innovative valve products including their integral install valve providing the functionality of a check valve and pressure control in one space saving package. The integral install valve is also available with waterblock and reset.
  • Hydravend hoses are food grade and WRAS approved. They come in a range of lengths with straight or 90 degree elbow connections and are used on a variety of potable water applications including CTUs, wall boilers, coffee machines and vending machines.
  • The Hydro+ Eco is an economical, compact and hygienic filter system optimised for water coolers and under-sink domestic use. It’s been designed to be environmentally friendly and features a reusable housing to cut plastic waste.
  • KX carbon block filters remove chlorine and suspended solids from the water supply to aid in membrane longevity for R.O. systems. Different micron ratings are available on request.
  • The new N-UV range of stainless steel chamber U.V. sterilisers is our new economy range though it maintains a high standard of quality in both construction and components. The range has recognised CE and pressure ratings.
  • Omnipure supply filters for better tasting, sediment free water for beverage equipment, R.O. systems, drinking fountains and ice machines. Valved heads for the Q series are available with 3/8” female or 1/4” push fit connections.
  • Pentek big blue housings are another industry standard and their filter range, designed for both domestic and light industrial applications includes carbon blocks, GAC, bag filters and pleated / wound / spun polyester sediment filters.
  • Proxima Aquada UV systems feature a high specification including a stainless steel disinfection chamber, micro-computer controller and digital lamp life display. Suitable for private water supplies where bacteria free drinking water is required.
  • Urnex manufacture a specialised range of hot drink vending machine and coffee machine cleaning products and descalers including an NSF certified espresso machine cleaner and dedicated milk frother and coffee grinder cleaning solutions.
  • Under-sink drinking water systems are more cost effective than water filter jugs and far more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Our UK made Water Gem is supplied with everything necessary for a simple DIY installation.
  • Our range of 3M filters includes the popular twist-fit AP2 filter for coolers or undersink domestic applications and the ScaleGard Pro range designed for protecting coffee machines, vending equipment and steamers from scale build up.
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