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With years of experience in water treatment we know everything there is to know about tailoring water for specific applications.

Coffee and espresso is one application that requires unwanted properties in the feed water, such as chlorine, to be removed but just the right amount of important minerals to be left in. This can help release the full flavour of the coffee bean while protecting equipment from the costly effects of corrosions and scale.

Reverse osmosis systems are an ideal solution for this requirement and we have put together a range of systems specifically aimed at speciality coffee. These systems are suitable for small or large output commercial operations and can help you create that perfect water recipe.

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*Water savings compared to conventional RO. Espresso shots per hour based on a typical 100ml shot (50ml shot, 50ml group head purge) and a standard system setup.

Compact Water Treatment Solutions for Coffee

The reverse osmosis systems above are the key systems we recommend for most installs but we understand that at some locations, install space will be at a premium and the systems above will simply be too large to be a viable solution.

Luckily for those installs where there is less space to work with, we offer a number of solutions that are especially suited to coffee. From an ultra compact Binature reverse osmosis system which is small enough to be installed behind a counter plinth panel to high performance under counter cartridge based systems, we have something for everyone.

Efficient yet extremely compact direct flow reverse osmosis system, which is small enough for under counter installation when in an upright position but can be installed behind a plinth panel when positioned on it’s side.
Versatile commercial water filter cartridge systems which are especially suited to coffee and espresso applications. Variety of cartridge sizes available, which have capacities* that range from 1,700 to 20,000 litres.

*Cartridge capacities based on specific water properties / bypass settings.

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