1. John Guest Fittings Buyers Guide

    John Guest Fittings Buyers Guide
    John Guest Speedfit manufactures more push-fit fittings and tube than anyone else in the world. These fittings have provided reliable plumbing and heating systems for over half a century and John Guest fittings are commonly used in the brewery, plumbing and car industry. John Guest fittings are so successful and reliable the product ranges has grown exponentially. While it's great...
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Water Quality

    The Ultimate Guide to Water Quality
    The ultimate guide to water quality sets out to addresses the most common water problems and to offer advice on how best to treat water depending on the application and sector. Speciality coffee, for example requires water to be optimised for pH and mineral content. read more......
  3. Taste The Doulton Difference

    Taste The Doulton Difference
    Aqua Cure are now the only authorised distributor for Doulton water filters in the UK. We’ve been stocking their filters for a long time now but maybe it’s worth another look at what makes Doulton ceramic filters unique. Taste The Doulton Difference Doulton ceramic filter are ideal for improving your domestic drinking water as they combine the anti-bacterial protection of...

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