Aqua Cure Scotland Acquisition

  1. Aqua Cure Scotland Acquisition Aqua Cure Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired Water Filters Ltd, trading as Aqua Cure Scotland, a vendor of water filtration and water purification equipment; this business is based in Perth, Scotland. For 20 years, Aqua Cure Scotland has supplied a diverse customer base of both business and residential customers working closely with the Aqua Cure business in Southport. It is our aim to continue with this strong commercial relationship so that our Scottish customers gain the benefits of a wider, complementary range of products but serviced locally through the current operational team at Aqua Cure Scotland. This transaction should allow for a wider product range to be available including filters, UV sterilizers and other specialist water treatment range products all offered from Perth. Continue reading →
  2. New Issue 14 Aqua Cure Catalogue Available Now

    Our new 2013 issue 14 catalogue is now available covering the cooler, vending & beverage sectors. The new catalogue includes many new products and some new info on existing products and it's going in the post to all our live customers this week. If you haven't received your copy, please call us on 01704 516916 or email us at

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