The Watercooler & Hydration Association (WHA)

Two UK Water Cooler Associations merge to Form New Trade Body: The Watercooler & Hydration Association (WHA)

Members of the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) and the members of the European Drinking Water Cooler Association (EDWCA) Voted at this years AGMs to amalgamate and form a new, combined Association to replace the two separate existing trade associations.

Speaking on this important move, the BWCA’s Chairman Jon Wicks said: “This industry has been well served by both Associations. Now that the sector has grown to become £140 million in value with consistent growth over the past 6 years, the time seemed right to improve still further the representation of the existing Members of both Associations. It seems wise to have a single body to lobby, set standards of excellence and promote sustainable and healthy hydration”.

James Anderton the EDWCA’s Chairman said: “The new body will be well-placed to tackle all of this and more. Jon Wicks and I are proud to have led our respective associations towards making this important change”.

The new Association will be named The Watercooler & Hydration Association (WHA) with an official launch date of 1st January 2020 to provide single representation for the industry – resulting in a more clear, concise industry standard voice.