Advice on the Cryptosporidium Outbreak

United Utilities are continuing to advise customers in some areas of Lancashire to boil their water 3 weeks after suffering an outbreak of cryptosporidium, a microscopic parasite, at their Franklaw Water Treatment plant in Catterall, near Garstang.

The outbreak is currently affecting around 300,000 households and businesses and United Utilities are now installing ultra violet sterilisers at various points in their network in a bid to kill the parasite. However, according to the Lancashire Evening Post today, a United Utilities spokesman has stated that the systems "won’t be operational until towards the end of the week" and with 2,500 miles of pipes and water mains to flush, "a decision on lifting the boil water alert is not imminent". [Source.]

If you have been affected and would like impartial advice or details of possible filtration solutions, please feel free to call us on 01704 516916.

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