Everpure MRS-225CC and MRS-350BLThe Everpure MRS-225 & 350 are high performance wall mounted reverse osmosis systems which can produce either 852 litres (MRS-225) or 1,325 litres (MRS-350) of RO water per day.

Other than the standard configurations, the systems are available in 2 additional configurations:

BL Models:
Include an adjustable blend valve to allow for custom tailoring of dissolved mineral content in the treated water.

CC Models:
Introduce a small amount of hardness minerals back into the treated water.

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Water Drop852 - 1,325 Litres of Water
Per Day
Espresso ShotUp To 231 - 355 Espresso Shots
Per Hour*
Blend ValveBlending Valve for Mineral Balance Adjustment on BL Models
Water SavingsWater Recovery for Water Saving of up to 35%*

*Water savings compared to conventional RO. Espresso shots per hour based on a typical 100ml shot (50ml shot, 50ml group head purge) and a standard system setup.

Model Range

Pentair Everpure MRS-225MRS-225
Pentair Everpure MRS-225CCMRS-225CC
Pentair Everpure MRS-225BLMRS-225BL
Pentair Everpure MRS-350MRS-350
Pentair Everpure MRS-350CCMRS-350CC
Pentair Everpure MRS-350BLMRS-350BL

Dimensions & Benefits

Everpure MRS-350BLModel shown is the MRS-350BL, which indicates the maximum possible height for an MRS-225 or MRS-350 system. Height will vary depending on exact model.

Ideal for coffee and espresso applications.

Versatile system available in 3 configurations and with
an optional pre-filter.

BL models feature a blending valve which allows for easy adjustment of the water recipe by the operator, creating the perfect water for releasing the full flavour of beans.

Highly efficient operation reduces running costs.

Filter cartridges require replacement every 6 months and membrane cartridges every 24 months.

Reduces chlorine taste and odour and other offensive contaminants that can adversely affect taste of water and beverages.

Wall-mount design allows flexible installation.


Daily Production Rate
852 - 1,325 Lpd

Service Flow Rate
Dependant on water pressure in storage tank and line size(s) to equipment

Inlet/Outlet Connection
3/8” OD tube connection

Wastewater Connection
1/4” OD tube connection

Operating Pressure Requirements
1.72 - 5.52 bar, non-shock

Maximum Static Pressure Requirements
6.89 bar

Inlet Temperature
4 - 38°C

Inlet TDS
1,500 ppm maximum

Overall Dimensions
96.5 cm (h) x 38.1 cm (w) x 20.3 cm (d),
52 cm wide with optional pre-filter

Operating Weight
15.9 kgs (excludes external storage tanks)

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If you would like more information on the Pentair Everpure MRS-225 / 350 range or even a free demo, please complete the simple form on the right and our expert team will be in touch.

If you would like more information on the Pentair Everpure MRS-225 / 350 range or even a free demo, please complete the simple form on the right and our expert team will be in touch.

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