Honeywell Integral Mains Install Valve - 15mm x 3/4" Male


All-in-one unit designed to control and protect the connection of a wide range of equipment to mains water pipe.

The unit combines a type EC double check valve, adjustable pressure reducing valve and an isolation (shut off) valve. The unit also features a extra port for fitting an optional pressure gauge to provide accurate checking of the outlet pressure.

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Brand Honeywell
Box / Bag Quantity (For Bulk Buy) 50
Inlet Size 15mm Compression
Outlet Size 3/4" BSP
Copper Stem No
Water Block Reset No
Double Check (Non Return) Valve No
Isolation (Shut Off) Valve No
Pressure Reducing Valve Type Honeywell Adjustable
Approvals & Certifications WRAS Approved

Product Description

The Honeywell integral mains install valve (BG04) is a backflow preventer suitable for protection against back pressure and back siphonage for fluids up to category 3.

Typical applications include mains water coolers and drinks vending machines.

  • Dezincification-resistant brass housing.
  • Integrated 200 micron mesh filter.
  • Screwdriver adjustable outlet pressure.
  • Compact construction.
  • Type EC double check valve.
  • Inlet pressure balancing; fluctuating inlet pressure does not influence outlet pressure.
  • Integral shut off facility via green adjustment knob.
  • Quiet operation.

Materials used fulfil WRAS, KTW/W270 and ACS requirements for usage with potable water.