Big Bubba Pleated Filter Cartridges

Big Bubba pleated filter cartridges offer greated efficiency, more surface area for greater throughput and reduced cost, which make them ideal for more critical applications.

Available with 5 different micron ratings, which include 1A, 1, 5, 20 and 50 microns.

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More Information
Brand Watts Water Technologies
Use Sediment Filtration
Flow Rate 568 lpm / 150gpm (US Gallons)*
Filter Type Pleated
Max. Water Temp 52°C / 125°F*
Max. Working Pressure 2.1 bar / 30 psi
Specification Notes *Max. Water Temp is based on a pressure of 5.5 bar / 80 psi. *Flow rates are based on each specific application, micron rating, solids content and a number of other factors. All these factors should be consider when selecting the filter housing (or number of filter housings) needed for a particular requirement.
Filter Length 26 1/4" (Big Bubba)

Product Description

All Big Bubba pleated filter cartridges feature excellent chemical resistance and EPDM O-rings while 5, 20 and 50 micron cartridges are cleanable and reusable to reduce costs.

Filters are designed to fit the Big Bubba filter housing, which features a simple 3 step cartridge replacement process:

  1. Remove swing bolts
  2. Remove lid
  3. Rotate cartridge 1/4 turn and pull-up