Water Softener 10L - Meter Controlled


Water softener ideal for a flat, apartment or household with 2-4 persons living in it.

Dimensions: 580mm H x 280mm W x 450mm D designed to fit standard kitchen or cupboard sizes which are usually 600mm x 600mm. We do also offer a compact version of this exact water softener that has a reduced height here

Features a digital display and the manufacturer has pre-set the metered salt regeneration for optimal results meaning it is a low maintenance softener with little initial setup.

Installation kit and salt is included for immediate installation and use.

Free installation kit. 12 month warranty

Softened water is not suitable for consumption.

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More Information
Brand Aqua Cure
Flow Rate 33 ltrs p/min peak 45ltrs p/min
Max. Water Temp 35°C / 95°F
Overall Dimensions METRIC 500mm (h) x 280mm (w) x 480mm (d) IMPERIAL 19.68"(h) x 11.02" (w) x 18.89" (d)
Min. Water Temp Protect From Freezing
Min. Working Pressure 1.5 bar / 22 psi
Max. Working Pressure 4.0 bar / 58 psi
Salt Used (Per Regeration) 1.6kg / 3.30 lbs
Capacity (Per Regeneration) 1500 litres / 396.25 US gallons
Power 6W
Resin Volume 10 litres
Valve Type Meter

Product Description

Superior performance is achieved by the more expensive, finer and more efficient resin contained within the high capacity vessel, which results in more softened water for every kilogram of salt used.

The water softener needs access to an electrical socket which also means no replacement batteries are required.

All machine functions are taken care of automatically by a sophisticated metered controlled valve.

Not sure this is correct water softener solution for you? Check your water hardness levels with our hard water checker or feel free to contact us for more information

All of our water softeners come with everything you need to install onto a 15mm (most common) size pipe including:

  • Hoses and Connectors
  • Drain Hose
  • Jubilee Clip
  • Water Softener Salt
15mm Install kit:
  • 2x Compression Tee - 15mm with 3/4" Male Tap
  • Non Return Valve
  • Compression Ballofix 15mm
  • Compression Equal Tee 15mm

Setting the Time & date:

  1. Set “Hour” by Pressing and Holding CLOCK button for 3 seconds. Use the UP or DOWN button to set hour.
  2. Press SET button to confirm. Minutes will now flash on display panel.
  3. Use the UP or DOWN button to set minutes.
  4. Press SET button to confirm. Days will now flash on display panel.
  5. Use the UP or DOWN button to set hour.
  6. Press SET button to confirm.
  7. Display will automatically reset after 30 seconds.

Set up Completion

  1. Slowly turn the water on at the inlet valve and check for visual leaks on the unit.
  2. Manually put approximately 8 inches of fresh clean water into the salt tank.
  3. Turn on the outlet water valve.
  4. Ensure that the bypass is left in the closed position.
  5. Finally fill the brine tank with salt and fit the salt lid.