Filtration systems are designed to be operated on a continuous basis with only relatively short periods of downtime. When a system is shut down for an extended period of time, there is a potential for microbiological growth. To address concerns with system operation after the shutdown, follow the below instructions. This is applicable to all Pentair filtration systems (i.e. pre-filters, carbon-based cartridges and RO systems.)

water filter restart guide

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General Water Filter Cartridges Best Practice

If your system does not currently utilise Pentair water filter cartridges there are also some general best practices to keep in mind with any filtered water system. We always recommend carrying out any procedures in a sanitary fashion and encourage users to consult manufacturer's guidelines when considering any planned preventative and reactive maintenance practices.

Downtime of 36-48 hours

Short term, 36 - 48 hours without operation, the cartridge should be flushed with a minimum of 5 litres of water. This is mainly to clear bacteria build up as short term changes in temperature / exposure to light can affect all manner of things such as taste and odour.

Downtime of over 4 Weeks

After a break in operation of 4 weeks or more the cartridge should be replaced. Bacteria / toxins that could be harmful to consume will have likely multiplied over this period.


It is always recommended to sanitise the lines as frequently as possible, regularly sanitising kills most of the bacteria that form on surfaces.


Reverse Osmosis Systems

Best Practice

We advise to run these units every other day to keep the membranes fresh and primed and to ensure that any water in the tank is used to prevent bacteria build-up. Sanitise the lines as frequently as possible and check your tank pressures and re-pressurise if appropriate as under-pressurised tanks affect the performance of the system.

Over 4 Weeks

After a break in operation of 4 weeks or more, the membranes should be replaced along with any pre and post-filtration. Bacteria / toxins that could be harmful to consume will have likely multiplied in this time and could be dangerous to consume, along with affecting the taste and odour of the final beverage.

Sanitiser Kits

With the above information in mind we have been busy ensuring we have everything you and your customers will need to restart equipment safely from replacement cartridges to safe, hygienic areas. We have put together hygiene kits and antibacterial wipes to clean and protect from bacteria and viruses. Browse our replacement water filter cartridges from the Pentair range, and sanitiser fluid to cleanse equipment after shutting down.

If equipment has been left stagnant, we would recommend carrying out a machine sanitation at your earliest convenience. Aqua Dosa sanitiser fluid provides internal cleaning for POU coolers, RO systems, espresso machines.
Post lockdown sanitisation and hygiene will be paramount to ensure that businesses can re-open fully and safely. We have full kits to help you cleanse, sanitise and keep bacteria and viruses at bay
If your equipment has been left for more than four weeks, we recommend the cartridge is replaced. Claris is ideal for all hot drinks vending, coffee machine and ice making applications
Perfect for surface cleaning Aqua Dosa powered by Byotrol is recommended for external use and comes in a variety of formats such as 150ml sprays and 150 wipe tubs. Browse the range now

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