Stainless Steel Grease Traps

Range of passive (manual) grease traps featuring a durable stainless steel construction and solids filtration basket. Available in 4 sizes to meet a range of different FOG (fats, oils and grease) management requirements.

On average, units need cleaning out every 15 days but this time period can be extended to up to 60 days using the optional grease control bio fluid dosing pump.

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Grouped product items
Name Volume / Size Max. Flow Price Availability Qty
Code GT1
40L 0.75 Litres / Sec
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Code GT2
60L 1.25 Litres / Sec
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Code GT3
80L 2.00 Litres / Sec
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Code GT4
100L 2.75 Litres / Sec
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More Information
Brand Grease Guardian
Overall Dimensions METRIC PGT40 - 700mm (l) x 323mm (h) x 340mm (w) PGT60 - 760mm (l) x 395mm (h) x 340mm (w) PGT80 - 800mm (l) x 428mm (h) x 340mm (w) PGT100 - 943mm (l) x 455mm (h) x 360mm (w) PGT120 - 1000mm (l) x 455mm (h) x 400mm (w) IMPERIAL PGT40 - 27.56" (l) x 12.72" (h) x 13.39" (w) PGT60 - 29.92" (l) x 15.55" (h) x 13.39" (w) PGT80 - 31.50" (l) x 16.85" (h) x 13.39" (w) PGT100 - 37.13" (l) x 17.91" (h) x 14.17" (w) PGT120 - 39.37" (l) x 17.91" (h) x 15.75" (w)
Tank Material Heavy Duty Stainless Steel - X6 CrNi 1810

Product Description

Many water authorities now have wastewater guidelines in place which stipulate the use of some form of grease management such as a grease trap. As well as this, in order to comply with Building Regulations Part H subsection 2.21, a hot food premises must have a grease separator installed, making grease traps an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen.

Our high quality UK manufactured heavy duty stainless steel grease traps come with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee and are a perfect cost effective FOG management solution.

They come fully assembled and are designed for under sink, workbench or external installation.

System Benefits
  • Easy to empty & clean
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Neoprene air tight seal
  • Open outlet chamber for visual inspection
  • Sensibly sized for maximum grease retention

The application guide below along with looking at the maximum flow rate on each unit can help when choosing a grease trap to suit your requirements. However, please do not hesitate to get in touch to talk to one of our expert team if you require any sizing guidance.

Application Guide
  • 40 Litre GT1 - 2 Small Commercial Sink/s and a Dishwasher
  • 60 Litre GT2 - 2 Medium Commercial Sink/s and a Dishwasher
  • 80 Litre GT3 - 3 Medium Commercial Sinks and a Dishwasher
  • 100 Litre GT4 - 1-2 Large Commercial Sinks and a Dishwasher

If you would like to learn more on grease traps, check out our useful article What is a grease trap and how do they work?