Everpure 7CC BW Filter Cartridge


Problem-Solving and Special Application Cartridge For Extraordinary Water Conditions.

The Everpure 7CC BW Filter Cartridge protects equipment by reducing the corrosive tendencies of low TDS content waters.
Increases water hardness by introducing a small amount of calcium carbonate minerals into low hardness/TDS waters.
This controlled mineral addition is desirable for coffee and other applications that require some hardness to achieve
optimum results.
Improves electronic level control sensitivity by increasing water conductivity.

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  • Coffee Machines
  • Horeca
  • Specialist
More Information
Brand Everpure
Flow Rate 1.9 lpm / 0.5 gpm (US Gallons)
Filter Type Remineralising
Max. Water Temp 38°C / 100°F
Overall Dimensions 20.75" L x 3.25" D (52.7 cm x 8.3 cm)
Filter / Cartridge Lifetime Location dependent
Min. Water Temp 2°C / 35°F
Min. Working Pressure 0.7 bar / 10 psi
Max. Working Pressure 8.75 bar / 125 psi*
Specification Notes Install vertically with cartridge hanging down.Allow 2-1/2" (6.35 cm) clearance below the cartridge for easy cartridge replacement.Flush cartridge by running water through filter for three (3) minutes at full flow. Rated Capacity: Varies according to level of mineral content in feed water, flow rate and contact time