EcoAqua AP2-C401-SG (Mini Lincat) FC02 Compatible Cartridge


A great value direct replacement for 3M® AP2-C401-SG, LINCAT FC02 water boiler filter. WRAS approved product Manufactured from NSF approved materials this high-quality filter which offers the same specification as the 3M filters at a much more economical price point .

Reduces scale, temporary hardness and impurities such as chlorine, lead, turbidity, particles and other unwanted tastes and odours for better tasting water.

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More Information
Brand EcoAqua
Flow Rate 1.9 lpm / 0.5 gpm (US Gallons)
Filter Type Carbon Block
Scale Inhibitor Yes
Max. Water Temp 38°C / 100°F
Min. Water Temp 0.6°C / 33°F
Min. Working Pressure 1.4 bar / 20 psi
Max. Working Pressure 8.3 bar / 120 psi
Approvals & Certifications WRAS Approved

Product Description

This EcoAqua water filter cartridge improves the taste of water by using a high-quality carbon block to remove chlorine, sediment and other impurities, which in turn results in better tasting beverages with improved aromas.

The cartridge also has a scale inhibitor to protect and prolong equipment life for further peace of mind.

This filter has 2 lugs on one side and one on the other, while this is a different design to original filters this is guaranteed compatibility and suitable for use with the following systems:

  • 3M AP2-C401-SG
  • Lincat FC02

Easy Installation instruction

  1. Twist the old filter a quarter turn counterclockwise
  2. Pull the filter straight out and discard
  3. Push the new filter into the fridge until it stops
  4. Tweist the filter a quarter-turn clockwise