Waterlogic® Firewall® Hybrid Water Purifier


The Waterlogic Firewall Hybrid is an innovative, countertop water purification system with no installation required. Recommended for the residential market, it filters and safely purifies water at the touch of a button.

The 10 micron Click-in-Click-Out™ Carbon Block filter; Firewall® Purification Technology; BioCote Antimicrobial Technology provides Taste & odour reduction, microbiological purification (99.9999% bacteria, 99.999% virus, 99.99% microbial cyst reduction)

Eliminate the need for bottled water, and get access to the best tasting, purest water at a fraction of the cost of bottles.

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  • Domestic Water

Product Description

  • The world’s most highly certified drinking water purifier - certified to the most stringent standards by IAPMO, guaranteeing each drop is as good as the last.

  • Elimninate E.coli, coliform bacteria, legionella, cryptosporidium, pseudomonas and many others.

  • Patented Firewall® protection utilises a highly effective UVC purification technology at the point of dispense, eliminating the risk of cross contamination and delivering water that is 99.9999% pure of microbiological contamination, glass after glass

  • The dispensing nozzle and removeable reservoir are proteceted by BioiCote® - a silver ion additive that provides continuous antimicrobial protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mould and fungi, and reduces the risk of cross contamination

  • No installation required – just plug it in, fill it up, flush the filter and you’re all set for a full year of pure, tasty water

  • Easy maintenance – Long life filter and lamp only need replacement once a year. A monitoring system alerts you when you need to renew your Firewall® technology

  • Water temperature: ambient; maximum feed – 32°C; Minimum feed - 2°C