Doulton OBE Standard Drop Ins

Range of standard drop in ceramic filters that provide an absolute filtration rating of 0.9 microns. Available with various core types for different applications and levels of filtration.

  • Sterasyl - standard core
  • Super Sterasyl - Granular activated carbon (GAC) core
  • Supercarb - Carbon block core
  • Ultracarb - Carbon block core with lead removal media

The small and complex pore structure of Doulton ceramics makes them an ideal filter medium for drinking water, which are capable of removing more than 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, disease causing cysts and particles.

  • Domestic Water
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Code W9220406
Ceramic Filter Sterasyl 10"
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Code W9221000
Filter Super Sterasyl GAC 10"
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Ceramic Filter Ultracarb 10"
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