BanHard CTU System - 10L - 6,580L - Inc. Water Meter & Hose


10 litre BanHard calcium treatment unit (CTU) which includes a water meter and stainless steel connection hose.

Unit has a capacity of 6,580 litres* and features an integral bypass and 3/4" BSP inlet / outlet connections.

Designed to reduce limescale and improve taste of incoming of incoming feed water.

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More Information
Brand Banhard
Inlet / Outlet Size 3/4" BSP
Max. Water Temp 35°C / 95°F
Overall Dimensions METRIC 490mm (h) x 222mm (d) IMPERIAL 19.29" (h) x 8.74" (dia)
Min. Water Temp Protect From Freezing
Min. Working Pressure 1.5 bar / 22 psi
Max. Working Pressure 6.0 bar / 87 psi
Specification Notes *Capacity is based on a temporary water hardness level of 200ppm. Incoming feed alkalinity levels also affect overall capacity.

Product Description

BanHard calcium treatment units are designed to reduce limescale and improve the taste of incoming feed water. They are ideal for coffee machines, water boilers, combination ovens, vending equipment, baking overs and bulk brewers.

This 6,580 litre capacity* 2 port head model features a single inlet, single outlet and an integral bypass which allows a blend of untreated water to pass through, to improve taste, colour and odour, and increase capacity. Please note: % bypass varies according to pressure and flow rate.

The system doesn't mix carbon with the resin, which means the system can undergo regeneration, making the system more environmentally friendly. The carbon is located in the riser tube, which is the best place for polishing the water, giving maximum taste reduction.

Once a new BanHard CTU is purchased, regenerated units then become available, which are at a reduced cost compared to a new unit.