2 Way Tap - Atlas Style - Chrome

Atlas Style Monobloc Chrome kitchen tap is an amalgamation of elegant modern styling and engineering excellence. The end result is a minimalistic design that will maximize performance, style and certainly stand the test of time.
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Brand Abode
Colour / Finish Chrome
Approvals & Certifications WRAS Approved
Spout Height (Approx.) 250mm
Spout Reach (Approx.) 225mm

Product Description

Before installing the new mixer it is essential that you thoroughly flush through the supply pipes in order to remove any remaining solder, swarf or impurities from your system. Failure to carry out this simple procedure could cause problems or damage to the workings of the mixertap.

We strongly recommend installing particle filters and isolation valves to both the hot and cold feed pipes in an accessible position. This will help to prevent premature failure of the valves and ease any future maintenance. All parts should be removed from their packaging and inspected for any transport damage prior to installation. Shut off your water heating system and ensure that your mains stopcock is closed. Open the lowest hot and cold taps in the house and allow the water to run until the cold-water storage tank and pipes are fully empty. Please note, the hot water storage cylinder (if applicable) will always remain full.

This mixertap requires a 35mm tap hole, if replacing an existing tap, remove the tap & clean the end of the feed pipes using wire wool the tap hole area should be free from dirt and sealant.

Loosely position the tap and tail pipes to check if any alteration to the existing pipework is required, if this is the case do this now.