Replacement UV Lamps for AC UV Range

Replacement germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lamps ideal for UV steriliser systems such as the AC UV range of sterilisers.

Lamps available range from 4 watts all the way up to 75 watts.

Full AC UV model compatibility list can be found below.

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More Information
Overall Dimensions ACUV4 - 136mm (l) x 16mm (dia) ACUV6A - 210mm (l) x 15mm (dia) ACUV8 - 288mm (l) x 16mm (dia) ACUV15 - 438mm (l) x 26mm (dia) ACUV30 - 895mm (l) x 26mm (dia) ACUV55 - 895mm (l) x 26mm (dia) ACUV75 - 1199mm (l) x 28mm (dia)

Product Description

Compatible with the following AC UV sterilisers:

ACUV6A Lamp:

  • ACUV62P

ACUV8 Lamp:

  • ACUV82D
  • ACUV82S

ACUV15 Lamp:

  • ACUV152B
  • ACUV153D
  • ACUV153P

ACUV30 Lamp:

  • ACUV302B
  • ACUV303D
  • ACUV303P

ACUV55 Lamp:

  • ACUV552B
  • ACUV553D
  • ACUV554D

ACUV75 Lamp:

  • ACUV752B
  • ACUV2752B (2 lamps required)
  • ACUV753B
  • ACUVL75-4

If you have any questions on compatibility, please don't hesitate to contact us.