Compact Mini Water Softener - 6 Litre - Timer Controlled


High performance compact water softener, which has a space saving design meaning it can fit in areas where space is at a premium. The system has a resin capacity of 6 litres and a battery operated timer controlled valve, meaning no electrical socket is required.

We recommend a professional install any of our softeners.

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More Information
Flow Rate 11 lpm / 2.9 gpm (US Gallons)*
Inlet / Outlet Size 3/4" BSP
Overall Dimensions METRIC 448mm (h) x 220mm (w) x 440mm (d) - Including Hoses IMPERIAL 17.63mm (h) x 8.66mm (w) x 17.32mm (d) - Including Hoses
Min. Working Pressure 1.7 bar / 25 psi
Max. Working Pressure 5.0 bar / 72 psi
Specification Notes *Stated flow rate is based on using a standard fitting kit. Higher flow rates are achievable with different fitting kits (please call for more information).
Salt Used (Per Regeration) 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
Capacity (Per Regeneration) 960 litres / 253 US gallons
Power LR 20 Alkaline Batteries (x2) - Size D
Resin Volume 6 litres / 1.58 US gallons
Valve Type Timer
Salt Storage Capacity 10 kg / 22.0lbs
Drain Size 10mm Spigot
Overflow Size 10mm Spigot

Product Description

This space saving mini water softener has been designed to be the most compact water softener on the market and will produce 960 litres* of softened water between each regeneration cycle.

Superior performance is achieved by the more expensive, finer and more efficient resin contained within the high capacity vessel, which results in more softened water for every kilogram of salt used.

All machine functions are taken care of automatically by a sophisticated timer controlled valve, which offers great flexibility due to it being battery powered.

The 2 replaceable D-cell batteries on average have a lifespan of 2 years and mean no electrical socket is required.

*21° Clark hardness or 300 ppm.