Halloween 2014

A photo-blog of our Halloween fancy-dress escapades.

 Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

 Be afraid, be very afraid.

 The-Managers-Office  Tony Macula

The manager's office: enter at your
own risk.

 Tony Macula

Skellington's Office The Witches of Admin
 Jack Skellington's Office  The Witches of Admin


Hello, Bane Speaking - Aqua Cure Fancy Dress
 Hello, Bane speaking. How can I help?

Aqua Cure – Halloween 2014
Aqua Cure - Halloween 2014


The fun coincided with a raft of special offers sent out by email or offered over the phone by one of our suitably 'spookified' sales team.

Keep an eye out for more offer related fun and games closer to Christmas.

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