Double Check Valve

A double check valve or non-return valve ensures the water flows in only one direction, protecting water supplies from contaminants in the backflow.

Inside the fitting are two separate check valves, to provide more security should one check valve fail, the backflow prevention device should still work.

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NRV meaning

Non-return valve means that the water passing through the valve is not allowed to return from the direction it came. This is often referred to as flow reversal and can pass contaminated water back into the feed water system if left unchecked. A double check valve has two check points to prevent backflowing occurring and are suitable for push-fit connectors made from plastic and copper pipe.

Features of the non return valve

  • Push-fit and Demountable Connections
  • Lead-free and Non-toxic
  • No Scale Build-up and Corrosion Free
  • BSI and WRAS approved

Not suitable for: Central Heating Systems, do not use for Gas, oil or compressed air applications.

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