Pronteau 98° Hot Water Tap

Pronteau 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap Pronteau 4-in-1 filter taps: a new innovation offering all the benefits of kitchen mixer taps with the addition of filtered cold and 80° - 98° filtered hot water on demand.

Incorporating the technologically advanced, British manufactured ProBoil3 boiler unit, the Pronteau range features a unique proximity key fob which allows users to safely call up hot water ready for drinks or cooking. When the fob is removed, the water stops instantly. Without the fob, the boiler heated water cannot be dispensed and the tap reverts to being a child friendly 3 way tap.


At the heart of the unit is the slim-line under counter ProBoil3, an intelligent ‘self-diagnostic’ boiler unit that is capable of delivering up to 50 cups per hour at a consistently high temperature. The ProBoil3 allows the water temperature to be programmed precisely between 80° - 98°, allowing optimum water temperatures for teas, coffees and speciality drinks.

The ProBoil3 is capable of measuring its own temperature and monitoring its own long term health as well as keeping an eye on any limescale build up. It will prompt you politely (in one of 9 languages) when it needs a change of filter or a simple de-scale. The British manufactured boiler unit is fully insulated and has an automatically timed sleep ‘eco mode’ ensuring that the daily running costs remain low – in many cases less than the cost of using your kettle.